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Eternity Wing And A Pray

A storm is coming. Earth has no future. It will need a wing and pray if it has a chance of surviving. Can he be their hero? 


Gabriel lives in a forgotten town, where tumble weeds roll. A stranger visits offering a better life and adventure. When he hears adventure, he answers the call.


Teaming up with fresh recruits from all walks of life, he is tested to the limit. Risking life for him and his team. But, he fears he will struggle with his real identity, new found life and love.


Can Gabriel cope with huge change and pass his challenge?

Will he put his love in danger to complete his task?

Is he ready to accept his past and future?


Eternity Wing And A Pray is the paranormal angel fantasy book 1 in the Eternity explosive action series


If you like epic paranormal angels, sci-fi, action and adventure, and heroic MC, then you’ll love Leon M A Edwards’ emotional, engrossing and pulse-pounding adventure.


Buy Eternity A Wing And A Pray to find out if Gabriel is up for the challenge today!

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