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Jane Knight A Spy Among Us

Secret society planning to take over the world. Secret documents can reveal their plans. Can a brilliant forensic accountant find where they’re kept?


Jane didn’t know her life would turn upside down. A chance encounter changed all that.

One minute a bean counter tied to a desk, the next a globetrotting espionage spy. When a hidden data mine is revealed, she goes on a dangerous mission to expose them.


Teaming up with a suave agent, they go after a dangerous woman.

But, she fears her affections for her partner will impede her job.


Will a spy among them thwart their mission?

Can she put aside her feelings for her partner to save the day?


Jane Knight A Spy Among Us is the spy thriller book 3 in the Jane Knight explosive action series


If you like action packed espionage thrillers, and a leading lady, then you’ll love Leon M A Edwards’ emotional, engrossing and pulse-pounding adventure.


Buy Jane Knight A Spy Among Us to find out if she balances the books to save the world today!

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