Jane Knight Tomorrow’s World


Jane Knight Tomorrow’s World is a thriller with romance.  


Jane Knight never expected her life to take such a dramatic turn. From being a desk-bound accountant to a globe-trotting espionage spy, her world was transformed in an instant. Now, she embarks on a mission to locate a missing agent and uncovers a secret society’s sinister plan to annihilate the world.


Teaming up with a suave and sophisticated agent, Jane races against time to track down a dangerous woman at the heart of the conspiracy. But lurking within their agency is a mole, threatening to sabotage their mission and compromise their chances of success.


Can Jane find her missing friend and prevent the catastrophic plans from unfolding?

Will the mole manage to sabotage their efforts and thwart Jane’s mission to save the world?

Is humanity’s fate sealed, or can Jane defy the odds and alter the course of tomorrow’s world?


Jane Knight: Tomorrow’s World is an electrifying spy thriller, the fourth installment in the pulse-pounding Jane Knight series. If you crave action-packed espionage, a strong and resilient leading lady, and a race against time to save humanity, then Leon M A Edwards’ gripping and emotionally charged adventure is a must-read.


Get your copy of Jane Knight: Tomorrow’s World today and join Jane on her quest to safeguard the future of our world!