To The Stars


To The Stars is a Slow Burn Romance drama, City Fiction.


Prepare to be swept away in a tale of love, time ticking away, and the desire to seize every moment. In “To The Stars,” Sarah stands at the pinnacle of her career, yearning for love to complete her life. Just as she finds solace in the arms of Ben, a devastating revelation shatters their newfound happiness, leaving them with precious little time.


Ben believes Sarah is his perfect match, but his demanding colleague threatens to steal away their precious moments together. Sarah longs to experience the true essence of love, even as the clock relentlessly ticks down. Can Ben show her the depth of love she craves, knowing that time is running out? Will Sarah be able to find the love she so desperately seeks before it’s too late?


“To The Stars” captures the essence of cherishing every moment in a heartrending romance novel. Leon M A Edwards expertly crafts a story that explores the bittersweet beauty of love when time becomes an elusive companion. If you’re drawn to tearful romances that ignite desire and occasionally scorch the sheets with passion, this strangers-to-lovers story is tailor-made for you.


Indulge in a rollercoaster of emotions as Sarah and Ben navigate the complexities of their relationship, embracing the fleeting time they have together. “To The Stars” is a poignant reminder to make the most of every precious moment and discover the true meaning of love.


Are you ready to embark on a journey that will leave you reaching for the stars? Purchase your copy of “To The Stars” today and join Sarah on her quest to find love amidst the ticking of the clock.