To The Stars


To The Stars is a Slow Burn Romance drama, City Fiction.


At the pinnacle of her career, fed up single, and a ticking time bomb. Will the stars align to find love?


Sarah is ready for love, now her career has peeked. But, after finding Ben, she receives devastating news which doesn’t give them much time.


Ben thinks she is the one for him. But, a colleague is stealing his time.


Sarah wants to find what love is and if Ben can show her. However, she doesn’t know how much longer she has. Ben wants to show her what love is, but his heart is torn between a colleague.


Will she be able to experience love, what many take for granted?

Can he give her what she wants, in the little time she has?

Is it in the stars for them to spend one last night together?


To The Stars makes the most of the time you have in a romance novel.


If you like tearful romance, desire, and occasional red-hot passion scorching the sheets, then you’ll love Leon M A Edwards’ strangers to lovers story.


Buy To The Stars to find out if Sarah will have time to find what love is today!