Second Chance


Second Chance is a Friends To Lovers female boxing sports romance novel.


Sally, a boxing world champion, appears to have it all—a successful career and the man of her dreams, Mark. But when her focus on training and recovery begins to overshadow their relationship, cracks start to form, and their love is put to the ultimate test.

Mark adores Sally and wants nothing more than to be by her side. However, he struggles with feelings of neglect as her boxing commitments consume her time and attention. To complicate matters further, Mark’s ex resurfaces, seeking a second chance at love.

As Sally fights to hold onto her championship titles, she risks losing the man who means the world to her. Mark yearns for Sally’s undivided attention and intimacy, torn between his desires and the pull of his past.

Can Sally find a balance between her career and relationship, giving Mark the love and support he needs?
Will Mark’s unresolved feelings for his ex-create irreparable rifts in their relationship?
Is there hope for a second chance at preserving their love?

“Second Chance” explores the delicate juggling act between career and romance in a captivating contemporary romance novel. If you’re a fan of sports romance and enjoy stories of sweet love with passionate encounters, Leon M A Edwards’ friends-to-lovers tale will leave you enthralled.

Don’t miss out on “Second Chance” as Sally fights both inside and outside the ring to preserve her love and success. Get your copy today!