Blind Love Slow Burn Romance


Blind Love is a slow burn romance, drama and city fiction.


Prepare to be immersed in a captivating tale of love, loss, and the pursuit of rediscovery. In “Blind Love,” a life-altering event leaves Helen both blind and plagued by amnesia after receiving devastating news. Now faced with an uncertain future, she embarks on a race against time to regain her lost memories before it’s too late.


Enter Harvey, a charismatic multi-millionaire yearning for love and tired of his solitary existence. When Helen, his long-lost crush, reenters his life, their paths intertwine in unexpected ways. Though Helen remains unaware of Harvey’s existence, a magnetic pull draws her toward him, guided by his scent and voice alone.


As Harvey grapples with his resurfacing feelings, Helen finds herself unable to resist the allure of a life she envisions with him, even as she navigates the complexities of her impending wedding plans.


Will Harvey recognize that Helen is meant to be with him, despite the obstacles in their path?

Can Helen reclaim her memories and realize that her fiancé may not be the right choice for her?

Are their fates intertwined, destined to be together against all odds?


“Blind Love” delves into the gradual realization of desires and the journey of self-discovery in a poignant contemporary romance novel. Leon M A Edwards crafts a tale that combines happily ever after with a sweet romance laced with moments of passionate intensity.


Join Helen and Harvey on their transformative journey as they navigate the boundaries of fate, love, and personal growth. If you crave a friends-to-lovers story with a perfect blend of tender romance and fiery passion, “Blind Love” is a must-read.


Discover whether Helen can truly see the remarkable man Harvey is and whether they can forge a future together. Grab your copy of “Blind Love” today and experience a tale of love, redemption, and the power of rediscovery.