An Encounter With An Aviator


An Encounter With An Aviator is Friends To Lovers.


Relationships are a tricky thing. You put yourself in a vulnerable position and trust that your partner isn’t going to break you into pieces.

For Ethan, the thought of having a relationship was a struggle. After losing his wife, he just wasn’t sure if he’d ever be able to open his heart up to another person again. Grief looks different for everyone, but for Ethan it looked like spending 6 months at the Fallon Navy Air Station.

For Pam, she’d never had a relationship. Working in the Navy was a tough job and it wasn’t helpful that her role made men insecure. Not to mention, also working behind the bar meant that she was always on the move.

For the both of them, they thought that they’d never get into a relationship.

…until they meet each other at a bar and realize that maybe some people really are worth it.
If only they’d realized it sooner because when duty calls, you’ve got to answer it.

Even if it meant going head first into a no return mission.

Get absolutely absorbed into this friends-to-lovers romance filled with steamy moments that will take your breath away and action-packed suspense that will have you on the edge of your seat. With twists and turns, you’ll never know what’ll come next in Ethan and Pam’s love story.

Will they unite as lovers? Or will it be too late to let the other know their true feelings?

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