Ponta Delgada A Good Place To Die


Ponta Delgada A Good Place To Die is a Technothriller and Vigilante with romance.


A deadly poison threatens millions of lives, set in motion by a vengeful warlord seeking retribution for a lover’s death. Xavier, seduced by a life of wealth and luxury, must abandon it all to halt the impending catastrophe. Natalia, relegated to a desk job, receives a call that propels her into a perilous mission to avert a global disaster. As they join forces, their ultimate showdown awaits on the island of Ponta Delgada. With time running out and the poisonous drug infiltrating the population, they must race against the clock.


Can they halt the distribution of the lethal substance in time? Will they survive the treacherous journey to Ponta Delgada? Is facing death on the island their inevitable fate?


“Ponta Delgada: A Good Place To Die” is a gripping and suspenseful thriller that will keep you turning the pages.


If you crave pulse-pounding action, thrilling adventures, and occasional moments of intense passion, then Leon M A Edwards’ emotionally charged and engrossing novel is a must-read.


Buy “Ponta Delgada: A Good Place To Die” now to witness Xavier and Natalia’s relentless pursuit of their enemy and discover if they can emerge victorious in their race against time!