Chance Series Boxset


Chance Series is a Friends To Lovers female boxing sports romance novel.


Prepare to be captivated by a tale of untapped talent and the ultimate fight for love. In “By Chance,” Sally finds herself trapped in a life of solitude and dissatisfaction, longing for something more. When she crosses paths with Mark unexpectedly, their connection sparks a glimmer of hope. However, Sally’s newfound passion as a boxer threatens to jeopardize their budding relationship.

Mark is instantly smitten by Sally, but he grapples with feelings of embarrassment regarding her chosen career path. As Sally’s talent in the ring begins to shine, Mark struggles to reconcile his own insecurities with the woman he loves.

Caught between her deep affection for Mark and her burgeoning boxing career, Sally faces an agonizing decision. Should she sacrifice her passion for a well-paid job in order to keep their relationship intact? Meanwhile, an ex-girlfriend adds further complications to the mix, throwing unexpected obstacles in their path.

Will Sally emerge victorious in both the fight for her man’s heart and the battle within the boxing ring?

As the story unfolds, Mark is forced to confront his own biases and insecurities. Will he be able to accept Sally’s career and stand by her side, or will he allow the interference of an ex to dictate their fate? Is their love strong enough to withstand the challenges they face, or is their connection simply not meant to be?

“By Chance” is a contemporary romance novel that delves into the themes of overcoming societal stigma and embracing someone wholeheartedly. Leon M A Edwards skillfully weaves together a tale of friendship blossoming into love, with a generous dose of steamy passion. If you crave a sports romance featuring a sweet love story set against a backdrop of intense physical and emotional battles, this book is a must-read.

Discover if Sally and Mark can transcend their differences and find a way to embrace each other fully. Dive into “By Chance” today and witness the ultimate test of love and resilience.