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Latest novel

Jane Knight Fair Game


Jane Knight Returns for a second instalment.

An escaped arms dealer. A plot to cause collateral damage. Will our female hero stop her new nemesis.

If you love espionage, thriller, action and adventure including romance in the chaos…

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Now available


Wing and a Pray

He is human once an Angel

He is told his destiny. He is set a challenge to take on the drug cartel. Will he fail or prevail.

If you love action and adventure, explosions with romance thrown in the mix…

Then you’ll love ‘ Eternity Wing And A Pray’.

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Blind Love


He is a millionaire

She is going to marry the wrong man. He has fancied her since childhood. Will they or won’t they…

If you love ‘will they’ or ‘won’t they’, romance and intimacy… Then you’ll love ‘Blind Love’.

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Jane Knight Rogue Officer

Debut Novel

She thrust into espionage spy. Will our new heroin overcome her psychological scars, from childhood, to save the day.

If you love espionage, thriller, action and adventure with romance thrown into the chaos…

Then you’ll love ‘Jane Knight Rogue Officer’.

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Aspiring Author

Leon Mark Anthony Edwards

Leon was born on Friday 24 January 1975 as a fraternal twin, at Southampton General Hospital.  He was born into a family of five children.

Leon had no aspiration to become a writer until he reached the age of forty-one.  His original dreams before choosing a sensible job was an actor.  He was obsessed with black and white cowboy films and eventually Star Wars  A New Hope.  He watched it over a hundred times wearing out the VHS tape.

However he dreamed about making up stories from the age of around ten.

When he was at the age to decide on a job, he originally chose to study hotel and catering to become a chef.  It was to either work abroad on a millionaire yacht or manage a five star hotel.  He studied at Eastleigh College in Hampshire.

That was quashed when he realised it was not for him.  He ended up going to the college library and browse an encyclopaedia book on every job you could think of.  He focused on an office job and involving finance.  There he found the idea of becoming an accountant.  He went on to study at Bournemouth University in Dorset.

Once he graduated, it did not put him off and his first job was for a chemical company in Fawley, Totton in Hampshire.  He worked there for five years then changed jobs to work for a waste disposal company across the road from his first job on the same industrial site.

He was made redundant a year later and after three months of struggling for employment, he became self employed.  He became a contractor working for recruitment agencies in accountancy.  He stopped contract work in March 2010 when he had about twenty clients to do their tax returns each year.

He still has about two hundred clients he does work for, while he now writes his novels.  His novels are based on stories he made up in his head over the last thirty or so years.

When he turned forty, he thought acting would be his passion and went on a taster course in London.  He loved it but ended up thinking about the unsociable hours and not being with his wife.

Leon is currently living in Milton Keynes with his wife Andrea Edwards and they have a beautiful daughter named Alina born in 2017.

His first novel is Jane Knight – Rogue officer which is to be one of five series.  He started drafting his book back in January 2017 as a new years resolution.  It has taken him a year and a half to complete it and get it self-published.

His book and his future novels are based around what his childhood was like growing up and being an ethnic minority in a small quaint little town called Romsey in Hampshire.  His first novel and future novels touch on bullying and depression.  The topics are seen through the eyes of his fictional characters and story plots.

He hopes that you will enjoy his first novel, Jane Knight Rogue Officer and future novels as he writes them and self publishes them.


I finally got round to reading your book and was very impressed. Great job and look forward to the next one.

– Alison Dimmick


Picked it up and couldn’t put it down. Have insisted my partner read it after.

– Julia

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