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Jane Knight Tomorrow’s World

Secret society on the brink of annihilating the world. An agent missing. Can a brilliant forensic accountant locate agent and stop tomorrow’s world?


Jane didn’t know her life would turn upside down. A chance encounter changed all that.

One minute a bean counter tied to a desk, the next a globetrotting espionage spy. When she goes on a mission to find her friend, society’s plans are revealed.


Teaming up with a suave and sophisticated agent, they go after a dangerous woman.

But she fears the mole in the agency will thwart their mission.


Can she find her friend in time to stop them?

Will the mole reach their contact to prevent her from saving the world?

Is it the end for today’s world?


Jane Knight Tomorrow’s World is the spy thriller book 4 in the Jane Knight explosive action series


If you like action packed espionage thrillers, and a leading lady, then you’ll love Leon M A Edwards’ emotional, engrossing and pulse-pounding adventure.


Buy Jane Knight Tomorrow’s World to find out if she balances the books to save the world today!

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