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Eternity Wing And A Pray

A new destiny. New found wings. New friends with disabilities but great abilities. A systemic drug problem. Can a band of misfits use their skills and new found gadgets to fight evil?

Gabriel Stone is a fully grown man in his thirties, brought up by adoptive parents. His non biological parents found him behind a dumpster of a restaurant as a new born baby. The strange thing is that he had no dirt, blood or umbilical cord.
His parents saw him as a miracle as they could never have their own.

Gabriel parents struggled to put food on the table but without rhyme or reason, they would miraculously find enough money to cover all their needs. They only had to worry and money would appear. His parents believe that god sent them an angel to look over the three of them.

Gabriel has always felt different and not know why. Whenever he faced danger from bullying, natural disasters or life threatening accidents he only had to close his eyes for a brief second. The threat would then disappear and he never knew why.

Gabriel has never been sick in his life or suffer any cuts or bruises. He can go for days without a shower or bath and never smell. No matter how little sleep he has, he would wake up as if he slept for days.

One day when he is sat in his office and stares out of his window, he asks god what his purpose and destiny is in life.
With that, a stranger comes into town wearing a lavish expensive tailor made suit asking him for his services.

Gabriel is whisked away in a luxury state of the art jet that uses no fuel and purifies the atmosphere. He travels from Australia to America in New York within a couple of hours.

He is given a new team of five wall flowers who are a blindman, A deaf-man, a woman with a hand missing, a man wheel chair bound, and a man with crippling legs in crutches.
Each of them have a set of unique skills with new found gadgets from out of this world. God has given a second new lease of life.

Gabriel and his team are given their first task. To use the gifts that god gave them to take down the largest drug cartel.
With global diplomatic immunity, they are untouchable and unstoppable.

Can Gabriel, his team and the fastest jet in the galaxy use good over evil?

Eternity Wing And A Pray is the tense first book in the Eternity action-adventure series. If you like underdog hero’s, justice, and edge-of-your-seat suspense, then you’ll love Leon M A Edwards’s thrill-packed paranormal fantasy.

Buy Eternity Wing And A Pray to balance the scales of good over evil today!

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