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Cold Bones

A family grieving for four decades. A town never the same again. A compassionate detective is their only hope for closure.


Stoane is retired and under his long-suffering wife feet. Seeing a senator ask for him personally sends him on to a mysterious cold case.


Teaming up with a journalist who grew up in the town and a forensic pathologist, he is hot on the trail. But, he fears he won’t solve the case in time as an accused will be executed by lethal injection.


Can Stoane help a grieving family have closure?

Will he ever solve a four-decade old case before a prisoner is executed?

Is the mystery meant to stay dead?


Cold Bones is a tense “will they or won’t they” solve the case murder mystery novel.


If you like whodunit, murder, cold cases and suspense, then you’ll love Leon M A Edwards’ emotional, engrossing and pulse-pounding, gritty thriller.


Buy Cold Bones to see if Detective Stoane can solve a three decade old case today!

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