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Cold Bones

Cold Case Detective, Thriller, Crime and Murder.

Fans of crime thrillers by Michael Connelly, Alex Michaelides, J M Dalgliesh, and Rachel McLean will love Cold Bones.

Stoane Cold, who is in his 60s is encouraged to retire under shady circumstances. He is a family man.

He is asked to solve a 39-year-old cold case. A suspect is already in jail for the crime. A Senator thinks he is innocent.

Using his intelligence and methodical mind with forensic to investigate.

Cold Bones is a slow cozy thriller that takes you on a journey through the eyes of Stoane Cold.

Cold Bones is set in a present day quaint small town called Marion in North Carolina.

Buy Cold Bones to find out if Stoane can find the missing person and prove/ disprove if the suspect is guilty today!

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