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By Chance

A wallflower girl. A rich man on the other side of the tracks. A Chance to be the boxing champion of the world. A chance to find love. Can she hold on to the ropes long enough to win her man? Will her opponents scupper her chances of love and winning the fight of her life?

Sally has a gift for numbers but her dyslexia has effected her self esteem. She works at her local supermarket as a shelf stacker working from six o’clock in the morning till two o’clock in the afternoon.

She lives with her parents and sister. Her dad works as a Refuse Collector and her mum works in administration for the local council office. Her sister works in a women’s clothes shop getting by and fallen into drug abuse.

Her simple life is going to work and going to the gym after.

One day her parents send Sally to bring her sister home who stormed out after a blazing round. What she did not expect, is one of her sibling friends to assault her.

Her sister’s friend goes to prison for Grievous bodily harm. When Sally goes to the local shop one day, she sees the girl again and is assaulted the second time.

When she is advised to take self defence lessons, by chance, she is offered a boxing career and title for world champion.

Chance holds no punches. If you like capable women, sports romance, over coming challenges, then you’ll love Leon M A Edwards’s “Will they, won’t they”.

Buy By Chance that packs a load of punches today!

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