This article is about which platform for writing your novel is best practice. I have learned from searching online that there are various sites that provide a software for writing a manuscript.

When I was ready to write my first novel, ‘Jane Knight Rogue Officer’, I first started using Microsoft Word. But found that when I reached the fifth page and changed my plot, I struggled to go back to the earlier page to adjust for the change. I found it cumbersome to find the paragraph as well as page to correct so agreed with the current page. I also found that if I decided to change a name of a character, I had to pain takingly find the earlier names to change. Microsoft Word did not make my life easy.

I stumbled on Scrivener which claims that all people from Authors to journalist to film writers and theatre use this platform.

From my first novel to sixth novel, I have used scrivener ever since. I have found it useful to search for words and change at the same time for a hundred-thousand-word story. I was also able to keep each chapter separate and so I could solely focus on one part of the story rather than being overwhelmed with two hundred and fifty pages in one document.

Scrivener is an American brand that is a desktop for Microsoft and Apple. I prefer the Apple version because you can create A4 pages like Microsoft Word, so can make sure that sentences do not split in half.

The current price for scrivener is £47.00 for either Windows or Apple.

There are online software where you do not need to store it on a desktop. But I prefer to have my work on my desktop as a preference. That is my preference.

Here is a list of platforms to perusal at your leisure.









Ulysses – for further details and prices.

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