Ponta Delgada Island

Xavier Stratton is a chancer who got the trappings of the high life when he became a financier to the immoral established rich people. His arena is on the French Riviere. One day he chews more than he can handle when he gets involved in the drug cartel. What he once enjoyed and lavished is now tarnished. He witnesses a bloody murder and it gives him a conscious.

Natalie Frost is a career driven woman in the C.I.A who is only interested in sex to satisfy her whims. She is a rogue agent who will do anything to impress her peers. Until one day she went too far and got her latest lover killed. She gained a conscious and curbed her sexual appetite to ground zero.

The drug cartel has managed to corner the market by creating a state of the art automated cocaine manufacturing plant on an unknown island. The problem is that the drug cartel do not know that the written software for the computer is corrupt. It is about to mass produce a deadly poisonous white powder.

Only Xavier knows the truth and wants to stop the production from starting. Can two incompatible people from either side of the tracks work together to stop this from happening? If you like action and adventure, steamy plots and ‘Will they or won’t they’ then this is for you.

Pick up ‘Ponta Delgada Island A Good Place To Die’ to establish if these two misfits can stop the shipment from leaving ever the island.

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